Get Started with Teams for Retail

How do you address frontline workers' stress? How do you help them see the light at the end of the tunnel — especially workers who may feel undervalued? Consider sharing what works for you. Teknologik recommends also considering @Microsoft Teams for Retail to start building a supportive culture. Read this blog for insight and contact a Teknologik Microsoft Teams expert to discuss next steps.
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Azure Defender for IoT helps Global Geological Materials Company Secure Production and Bridge the IT/OT Gap

How crippling would a major data breach be to your company? Avoid having to answer that question with an agentless OT security monitoring platform that offers powerful asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat monitoring capabilities. Read the customer story and comment if you'd like talk to one of our @Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT experts about how Teknologik can help you assess and mitigate risk. #Azure
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Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Sentinel Integration

Requiring no infrastructure, @Microsoft Azure Sentinel is our cloud-native SIEM for modern SecOps. How much more would your team accomplish if it didn't have to worry about scaling up or spending too much time on set up? Share your ideas. Then watch this demo for a walkthrough of how Azure Sentinel enables you to stream all Microsoft 365 Defender incidents into a SIEM and keep them synchronized. #Azure #SIEM
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