Monthly Archives: November 2021

Transform with modern tools

Empower your Frontline Workers and boost your competitive edge. You'll see many additional benefits as you include this workforce in your digital transformation. Microsoft can show you how. For more tips and updates, subscribe today.
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Nebraska Furniture Mart embraces Microsoft 365 to work smarter

What do you do when faced with disparate solutions for hybrid work? Microsoft Teams creates the digital equivalent of the spontaneous communications that happen in an office setting, so employees feel connected, collaborative, and safe. Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) implemented Microsoft Teams in their effort to streamline communication tools. The combination of Teams and a hybrid work policy expanded their recruiting area, drawing talent by offering leading-edge tools and a people-first culture. Consolidating on a single solution drives efficiency and collaboration, improving customer service—all while saving costs.
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Secure Infographic

Learn why companies choose #Azure for unmatched security, from @Microsoft's 90+ compliance offerings to 3,500 dedicated security experts. Check out this infographic and contact Teknologik to learn more.
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