Monthly Archives: November 2022

IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review

When your IT team only needs to virtualize one desktop for a large number of employees, time is saved and support costs are greatly reduced. Time management is a large element in unforeseen costs. The Azure Virtual Desktop experts at Teknologik can review your IT management practices and provide you with important improvements. Receive a free IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review when you schedule direct. #AVD #Microsoft
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Delivering Personalized Experiences in Times of Change

Companies that analyze customer data outperform others by 85%. Your customer data is a gold mine of valuable insights. Learn how you can get the most from your data. Read the eBook here. Then share this post to start a conversation. #microsoftdynamics
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What is the metaverse?

One definition of the metaverse is that it's a version of the internet we're inside. Watch the video for additional insight and DM us to find out how a Mesh for @Microsoft Teams expert from Teknologik can help you plan an effective metaverse strategy. #hybridwork
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